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to be produced by coal burning power plants, about 70% or so of china's energy's needs are met. a huge amount of pollution in the north of the country. >> as you say, the facts are stark. how much alarm hasn't raised? >> interestingly, we just checked all the major news they aren china, and not during this report from what we have seen. a few years back, a world bank issued a report in which about three quarters of a million people were dying prematurely every year because of china's pollution. according to reports from that time, figures were suppressed. why? the authorities here did deeply nervous when numbers come into the equation. they know there's a huge amount of public anger over this issue, and they don't want to flame public anger further by mentioning the numbers. that appears to be what is happening here. >> i imagine as we did the city of london, except pollution to be just the case and that is what you get by living in the city. this provision with coal, i presume it is done with the best intentions. but one wonders what can be done about it now? >> that is interesting. this pol
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1